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Do you think a short quiz could match you with your perfect sex toy? Nikki & Daniel find out at Impulse Novelties where they are shown the Closet Collection. This series of toys is designed to be in touch with the strongest traits of your personality, and hide discretely in designer boxes. After learning about the products, Nikki & Daniel spend some quality time with Nicole, catching up and reviewing the new toys.

Like most women, the founder of Impulse Novelties keeps her pleasure toys tucked away in the back of her closet near her shoe collection. One day, as she reached for her trusted vibes, she thought to herself “Why aren’t sex toys as stylish and fashionable as I am?” Armed with her personal style and desire for luxury, she started designing what would become the Closet Collection.
To ensure we are providing the best products, Impulse Novelties only uses high-quality, body safe material. Pairing this with eye-catching, fashionable keepsake boxes, our products are not only pleasurable but memorable. Our designs have been called sensuous and exciting by our consumers. Similar to the fashion industry, pleasure products speak to consumers with distinct personalities and desire for luxury. We categorize our toys by these personalities to ensure that finding the perfect toy will be a pleasurable experience.

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